Municipality of Patras

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Mubicipality of Patras

Patras is the capital of Achaia Regional Unit and Region of Western Greece. Is  the 3rd biggest city in Greece with 214.580 inhabitants in an area of 333.1 Km2 (125.4 Km2 urban area) and it encaptulates 5 Municipal Units

Since the Roman period, Patras has been a cosmopolitan centre of the eastern Mediterranean area. PIt is a commercial hub and a busy port at a nodal geographical point for trade and communication, regarded as the “gate” of Greece with Western Europe.

Regarding Education and Science, it hosts the:

  • Hellenic Open University (open distance learning – national level – the only one in Greece)
  • University of Patras (active at EU level, ERASMUS exchanges, hosting student organisations such as BEST, AISEC, AEGEE)
  • Technological Institute of Western Greece (active at EU level, operating as an entrepreneurship hub for innovation)
  • Various research centres such as Patras Science Park, Institute of Science & Chemical Engineering (ICEHT), Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus”, etc. 

Therefore, Patras attracts a large student population (over 45.000 young people) and it is regarded as a major scientific centre with a field of excellence in technology and innovation.