Acquedotto Pugliese S.P.A.

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Acquedotto Pugliese S.P.A.

25,000 km network of drinking water mains and drainage pipes, 185  water treatment plants Acquedotto Pugliese covers and manages the entire water cycle: from water sources, to purification, distribution , sewerage and treatment of waste waters.

Sources of water: springs, reservoirsof drinking water, wells.

The four purification plants for treating the water from the reservoirs have an overall production capacity of over 12 cubic metres per second.

 The water is tested in the 10 laboratories located across the area. 390 thousand chemical and microbiological parameters are monitored every year. The main drinking water indicators are tested in real time through a remote-controlled system with measurement points along the network.The purity of the water is further guaranteed by additional complementary disinfection stations positioned at the main nodes of the network.

Acquedotto Pugliese is engaged in innovative projects for water flow control and management of the system:

  • a system that exploits microwaves for spotting leakages; devices for remote reading of the  meters;
  • drones for monitoring the pipes; Energy efficiency; Water quality; Safety of installations / plants; SMART CITY; Leakage in water distribution system; Depuration and re-use / reduction of sewage sludge

Acquedotto Pugliese has built the largest bio-phytopurification plant in Italy for the treatment of urban waste waters. The project was awarded a national prize dedicated to water saving and conservation. Acquedotto Pugliese  has expanded the water supply-chain by taking full control over a leading company in the production of fertilizers for agricultural use.