Submitted by cmngrewater on Thu, 01/24/2019 - 11:46

The Water Resources Section of Puglia Region The Apulia Region, regional public authority, carries out water organisms protection functions through the definition and the implementation of a water protection plan, surface water, underground water and sea water monitoring, as well as the definition of nitrates action plan  and marine strategy related activities.

It focuses on co-ordinating the integrated water system, through the promotion of investments destined to the construction of sewage system, depuration and  wastewater reuse infrastructures; and it takes care of the water resource management, through the definition of inter-regional potable, agriculture and industry use water reserves, as part of the southern Apennines river basin district water management plan.

The Apulia Region is the competent authority, responsible for the development, management and coordination of climate and environmental action policies. Specifically the water resources section has the competence in water resources field; therefore, we foresee that the results of the projects will be able to contribute to the implementation of actions and management plans, including the water management plan, surface, underground and marine-coastal waters monitoring.